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How I hacked my LinkedIn profile to get my new job

I recently finished Growth Hacking Marketing by Ryan Holiday and learn a lot of things about it. Some of them remembered me the way I found my job in London and how I did hack my LinkedIn profile without knowing what I was really doing at this moment.

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How to create an iOS app for Sens’it tracker in Swift

Sens’it is small tracker developed by Sigfoxand given for free during events to let people test the Sigfox low frequency IoT network. Let’s see how to create an iOS app in Swift based on Sens’it api.

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How to keep your privacy in mobile apps

Couple years ago, I worked on a mobile app linked to video and audio recording. I quickly see that, once the user agreed for permissions, it can be easy to track personal data without user noticed it. Let see how limit mobile app permissions to maintain user privacy.

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Appium, when automation testing can be randomly wrong

Appium is an UI automation testing framework, helping developers to automatically test their app. This tool can be really powerful but my experience with it let me think it’s not enough accurate to be used everyday and at its full potential.

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Xcode7 UI Testing

UI Automation testing on iOS9

During WWDC2015, Apple announced big stuff, but they also released awesome features for developers. One of them was dedicated to UI Testing. Working around UI Automation test, I’ve just discovered last Xcode 7 and how life is going to be easier with their last feature for that.

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Developpement objet connecte

How to work with native iOS and javascript callbacks

Recently I worked on a small iOS mobile project around Javascript. I wanted to load web content from iOS with Javascript inside and get callbacks from Javascript into iOS, to save native data and transmit it to an other controller if needed. The second part was also to call Javascript methods from iOS part.

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AmbiMac, an app creating your own ambilight

Philips created few years ago Ambilight, a TV with a dynamic lights on it back. With two friends, we wanted to design an app with a similar function based on connected light bulb during an hackathon. Here is what we have done in 24h hours of code, let’s meet AmbiMac.

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Healthkit - Benoit Pasquier

Introducing sleep analysis in Healthkit with Swift 2.0

Healthkit is a powerful tool if you want to create an iOS mobile app based on health data. However, it’s not only for body measurements, fitness or nutrition; it’s also sleep analysis. In this Healthkit tutorial, I will show you how to read and write some sleep data and save them in Health app.

I’ve recently added an example written in Swift 2.0 and designed for Xcode 7.

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Dynamic url rewriting CodeIgniter

Dynamic url rewriting in CodeIgniter

I work with CodeIgniter almost exclusively on API, but sometimes it can help on short-lived websites. Rewrite url is a good thing to know if you want to optimize SEO for your key pages of a website. That’s what I want to show you and how it’s easy to set it up.

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Developpement objet connecte

Le métier de développeur dans les objets connectés

Pour la fin de mes études, j’ai choisi de rédiger mon mémoire sur les objets connectés et plus précisément sur le développement de services numériques autour de ces objets. Ce travail de fond m’a permis de prendre du recul sur mon travail mais c’était aussi l’occasion de trouver une définition de ce qu’est un développeur d’objet connecté.

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