French Election 2017, don’t get fooled by surveys

Technology has never been as important as today in politics. Everything is related to numeric data. If we only analyse news around US elections in 2016, it was mostly about email hacks, fake news in daily newsfeed, or online surveys. Concerned about French elections 2017, I wanted to be a bit more active and do something related the last one: to online surveys.

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Six months of Android development

In my current role at Qudini, I started as an iOS developer. My main task was to create and improve our mobile products for iOS devices based on what was already done on Android. However I wanted to be more efficient in my job and I thought it could be by impacting more users through Android development. Once our iOS apps were at the same level as the Android one, I push the idea that it would be better I start doing Android too. Here is my feedback after 6 months developing on Android.

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Feature flag your mobile app with Apptimize

Recently, I got chance to integrate feature flags into a mobile app I work on. The idea of feature flag is simple, it lets you enable and manage features in your mobile app remotely without requiring a new release. Let see the benefice of it and how integrate a feature flag solution like Apptimize’s one.

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Xcode script automation for SauceLabs

Couple months ago, I’ve tried to set a mobile testing environment with Appium and one of the best tools to execute these tests was SauceLabs, a cloud platform dedicated for testing. SauceLabs is pretty easy to use but here is couple tricks to make even easier.

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bitrise logo

Mobile continuous delivery with bitrise

Continuous integration and continuous delivery is something I wanted to do a while ago, specially since Apple accelerated its approval process to publish new apps on its mobile store. It can now takes less than a day to have an update available for your mobile users: continuous integration and continuous delivery makes more sense than ever on mobile apps.

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How can a developer do marketing?

Working as a mobile developer, I created multiple apps during last couple years for companies I worked for, and eventually for personal projects. At the beginning, I though the goal for any developer was the release itself: shipping code and moving on, but I quickly found out that it was more frustrating than everything to stop here. That’s how I started thinking about what should be the next step and if a developer can actually do marketing and how.

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How I hacked my LinkedIn profile to get my new job

I recently finished Growth Hacking Marketing by Ryan Holiday and learn a lot of things about it. Some of them remembered me the way I found my job in London and how I did hack my LinkedIn profile without knowing what I was really doing at this moment.

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How to create an iOS app for Sens’it tracker in Swift

Sens’it is small tracker developed by Sigfoxand given for free during events to let people test the Sigfox low frequency IoT network. Let’s see how to create an iOS app in Swift based on Sens’it api.

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How to keep your privacy in mobile apps

Couple years ago, I worked on a mobile app linked to video and audio recording. I quickly see that, once the user agreed for permissions, it can be easy to track personal data without user noticed it. Let see how limit mobile app permissions to maintain user privacy.

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Appium, when automation testing can be randomly wrong

Appium is an UI automation testing framework, helping developers to automatically test their app. This tool can be really powerful but my experience with it let me think it’s not enough accurate to be used everyday and at its full potential.

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